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4 Elements that will elevate your marketing strategy

In order to stand out you have to take a risk and go beyond the ordinary. A good marketing strategy doesn’t just look for good results where it knows it can find them.  Instead, it takes on a challenge through new and diverse opportunities that are equally as likely to drive results. A good strategy takes advantage of the changes in technology and trends that the industry has to offer in order to have a multifaceted and efficient strategy.

Search Engine Journal recommends the top 4 ways to diversify your marketing strategy . Here we will explain each one.

Location based marketing:

Location based marketing works through beacons: small devices that transmit signals across short distances. These signals are then picked up by other devices, in this case, mobile devices such as smart phones. These signals essentially help broadcast messages to people who pass through a designated area. Beacons can be used individually or as a network for more reach.

Even though location based marketing isn’t technically new, the technology behind it has significantly improved to the point that it’s ready to be taken seriously in 2020. This is due to the development of Google Beacons, which makes beacons accessible and easier to use for marketers and developers.

Conversational commerce:

The future of digital communication is private messaging. It’s importance has been made clear time and time again by entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerburg who have invested in apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s Direct messages. Because of this, creating conversations with your consumers via private messaging platforms is a good way to diversify your marketing strategy.

Search Engine Journal recommends using chatbots, even though standalone apps like WhatsApp are also popularly used for customer service efforts. By incorporating chatbots, along with other messaging platforms, your brand will give off an always online presence that is ready to tackle any question or concern that the consumer may have in a direct and personal manner.

Voice Search Optimization:

Voice search popularity continues to rise, showing that voice search optimization is a huge opportunity to take advantage of when it comes to your SEO strategy. Voice searches have had great success due to its more natural and intuitive nature of obtaining information on the go through mobile devices. Because of this, Search Engine Journal recommends focusing on fine tuning the search elements that are more commonly used with these devices such as local searches, “near me” searches, and featured snippets.

User Experience:

A page’s design can have a big impact on how your potential consumers perceive and interact with your brand. The user experience has a lot of value, and it’s important to prioritize it in order to obtain good website results. The latest trends in user design consist of the following. First and foremost, designing a page and its content in a way that builds trust. Second of all, making sure that your page structure takes into account SEO structural requirements. By doing so, you’ll have more control over a customer’s experience and consumer journey from start to finish. You’ll know exactly how your consumer is finding you through search engines and will be able to increase the chances of your audience making its way to your page.

source: www.searchenginejournal.com