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Google announces new marketing tools

Google, the fashion imposing monster, always keeps up with the updates that users need or ask, this time (as they do regularly), they bring updates for marketers around the world.

Nowadays, according to data from the powerful search engine, more people are looking to discover new brands or change their way of consuming the products of the everyday.

With this, they have found a way to help advertisers reach their message more directly and effectively to the target audience.

On the past Google I/O hey announced the following changes

Discovery Ads
Since the ads are usually mobile first and visual enough for the brand to stand out, Google has decided to accommodate them in different stages of browsing on Google.

These ads created by marketers will appear in the section “discover” on the homepage of Google, whether on iOS, Android or Google.com)

Google vs Huawei
The discovery section will be renewed and ready to present the best ads

Along with this, Google announced that approximately 800 million users are reached by the Discover feed, which makes this category a huge opportunity to advertise.

Gallery Ads
Previously, the carousels were an exclusive format of ​​social networks like Facebook, however and after checking how easy users get hooked up with this format, Google has decided to add it to their list of new features.

Gallery Ads is the way in which Google lets advertisers present their articles in the sight of audiences easily than before.

The advertiser will be able to upload between four and eight images with 70 characters each.

Google Express
Google Shopping First was launched in France last March; with this app, people could buy directly in a store through Google.

Google managed the transaction to, in their own words, improve customer experience and services.

It is expected that, during the course of this year, these efforts will also focus on YouTube and Google Images looking to compete directly with Amazon.

This option is also available for Google Assitant and Google.com.

Deep Linking
This is the ideal option for or users who are looking to make a purchase directly on the app and skipping the ling consumer journey.

If the person is looking for a product on Google and has the producer’s app already installed on their mobile, Google will take them directly to the app, to the page where they can find and purchase the product.

Google vs Huawei

In this way, the abandoned shopping carts and the loss of interest or doubts on the part of the consumer may be avoided, since this type of experiences has twice as many opportunities to convert.

What about Huawei?

Just a few hours ago, President Trump decided to include Huawei in the “commercial blacklist” that the government has and has been updating regularly, starting the Google vs Huawei battle.

After the announcement, Google decided to break any existing relationship with the Chinese company, leaving their mobiles without updating or supporting Android.

This means that, services like Gmail and Google Play Store will cease to be effective in the most recent models of the company, representing a big blow for the technological giant.

In addition to this news, large chipmaker companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom and Xilinx announced that they will stop offering their services to Huawei.

Although some predictions have been made about the future of both the Chinese company and the commercial relationship between countries, at every moment it is concluded that the blow to Huawei may be harder than expected.