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Best video ad practices for 2019

Internet users love video content and both the advertisers and the different apps that track our preferences know this.

Algorithms are responsible for demonstrating that video content is what achieves more engagement among the audience, that is why those applications that facilitate the consumption of such content are still the most downloaded in different operating systems.

However, the quality, content and even length of the videos has been modified by the consumption habits of Internet users.

We used to have long videos aired on programs that used to hold audiences captive like America’s Funniest Videos.

With the beginning of the Internet, platforms like YouTube began, and it became the world’s favorite audiovisual media library very fast and gave other platforms such as DailyMotion or Vimeo, free entrance to the people’s prefferences.

However, the immediacy again changed the way we consume videos, giving us new platforms such as the extinct Vine, where we could consume one or several 7-second micro videos, dramatically reducing the attention span of the audience.

Today, stories have become the most popular way for people to communicate with their contacts and Tik Tok is sweeping across the United States with young audiences who no longer want to scroll down to image or text publications.

TikTok is making everyone forget Snapchat

What happens when the audience gets tired of seeing only pieces of a story? They use their smartphones to consume the new giant: streaming television.

Streaming, the ace up your sleeve

We started with short videos, we went to stories and now the most acclaimed internet platforms are betting on TV via streaming, which, from Netflix, became huge.

But streaming has it all: you can have the celebrities of the moment, popular topics, format accessibility, but above all, you have the possibility to monetize, which is what marketers are really looking for.

Between chapters, the platforms have managed to put ads, either of their own products (Amazon Prime) or third-party products, such as Instagram TV, which through short episodes of series or documentaries, have managed to reach the point of getting so strong that it has become trusted e-commerce.

As with all ads, it is important that we are aware that in the video world there are certain rules that we must follow in order for users to get the audience interested in our content.

Short and interesting videos (depending on the audience), posted at the correct time and above all, something important that many brands overlook: the formats.

Fortunately for marketers we also use video content as a work tool, there are different options for marketing these materials, being the swipe up in the stories one of the most popular so far.

Do we want to do branding? Remember to talk about your brand at all times making sure you remember the benefits of yours over others.

Do you want to be considered? Remember to be completely sure which audience you are looking to address, otherwise, your efforts will be banalized.

Do you want to be bought? Reach the segment you’re looking for through offers that give the user a real benefit.

Most of the short videos that are seen outside of video applications (like TikTok or YouTube) are consumed in vertical format and without sound, does your video have what it takes to convey a message vertically and without sound?

Listening to the audience, analizing data and optimizing campaigns is the key to conversion.