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Instagram TV will now support horizontal videos

For many years, netizens devoted hundreds of negative comments to videos in vertical format.

The reason was simply that this format of videos seemed not to accommodate users, since they did not use a good part of the screen seen in landscape mode.

Time passed, generations changed and suddenly users seemed comfortable consuming content without rotating the screen, then Vine was born, then what we know as IGTV.

The new consumers

The young people stopped wasting time turning the cell phone to horizontal mode to record and started producing content in vertical format, forcing the platforms to adapt.

Instagram was one of the pioneers on this type of content, attracting younger people.

Not only the stories, but the series began to try to stay in the vertical format, but today, a few years later, they give us different news: they return to the horizontal format.

Ads, videos, photos?

As the vertical format began, the horizontal one returns.

The directors of Instagram ensure that the contents in this format return at the request of the public and because, according to the users themselves, they have found content in horizontal format without being able to turn their cell phone to consume them.

Today, Instagram accepts that it has not achieved the penetration he was looking for with IGTV.

This is a bit more evident after the micro-video platform TikTok came to sweep the engagement of social networks.

Despite trying to show the public the possibilities of IGTV, it never became part of our navigation preferences environment.

One of the main advantages that creators see in this new change is the possibility of crossing YouTube posts to Instagram.

Those of us who have had to adapt formats for IGTV or for Stories, know that it can often become a nightmare.

Still not thinking about monetization

Despite thinking about changing the strategy of publication on the platform, there is still no thought of any type of content monetization.

Probably this is one of the reasons why the platform has not been able to compete with its rivals, because there is no way to position an ad in the format as we know it.

Probably this is the movement that Instagram needed to succeed with its TV format, but until we see the results, we cannot know if it is the content or the format that has kept IGTV in the shadows.