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Instagram rolls out new video party option

Looking to keep up being one of the biggest visual content networks, Instagram tries new ways to make its audience feel served and renewed, this time, they seek to encourage the communal video viewing.

Sounds familiar? It is.

Almost a year ago, Facebook offered the new option “Watch Party”, with which we can watch a video in the company of other people without being in the same room.

That is the premise of social networks today: connect as much as you can without having to be there.

Now, the fact that Instagram releases communal video viewing, tells us that maybe, this branch of Facebook (not counting the success that Houseparty had) is reaching consumers in a different way.

Instagram becomes communal

Despite being a very popular network, there are some who still feel Instagram a little bit colder than other networks.

The communal video viewing option tries to make people stay more up to date with their contacts instead of just scroll down.

The never-ending scroll down affects on engagement, making the interactions less valuable.

This was the goal of the Watch Party creators: to have productive interactions around video publications because while watching videos together, people are even willing to go through the ads.

With the new option, we will Instagram video party.

Reactions amd filters will be available on the communal video watching

But do not worry, we can use all the Instagram filters at the time of the video chat.

Younger audience, more life span for the app

Did someone say Tik Tok? We can not pretend that nothing happens while Tik Tok comes little by little owning the cell phones of the youngest Internet users.

It is normal to ignore what Tik Tok is about, for it is relatively new and the target is the generation that no longer wants traditional social networks or their favorite video interrupted by a commercial.

Tik Tok is Vine of the new generation and is owning the audience around the world.

Instagram knows this and that is why their communal video watching will have the filters and reactions that young people look for when making their stories.

So far, the trial version can only have two viewers at once: us and our guest, which, at first, may seem restrictive.

However, user’s habits have let us see that, in general, we share content with three contacts, being a very closed circle of people that we take into account.

Another common custom among younger audiences is live video consumption.

Many of the new users of social networks prefer to do and watch live videos, than waiting to watch the replay.

This, and the tendency of the stories that continue to rise gives us an always on audiencie, which maybe is not so easy to please, but once they have been captivated they will saty with us.

All-in-one service

To not lose the attention of its users, Instagram launches “Check Out”, the place where you can buy what you see, in the same place where you see it.

So far, this option works like this: if you log in on Instagram and see a post of the brands you follow and like the item, you will have the option to buy it right there.

Shopping will be much easier

The business list with this option started somewhat limited, however, after a trial time, more options begin to be added to the list, giving the user a wide variety of options.

And of course, making Instagram a network that tries to have everything in the same place to retain the attention of users, will it succeed?