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Video marketing statistics. Do videos continue to grow or lose popularity?

If we talk about marketing strategies; video-marketing becomes a fundamental, and not to mention; a vital tool for your product, service or enterprise. If you want to be seen as one of the major trends and your main goal is to catch your potential clients’ attention, then you MUST use video-marketing as one of your main strategies.

According to several studies, the evolution of videos eases our acquirement of information. It somehow manages to keep us focused while projecting visual, entertaining and interactive imagery, which allows the consumer to perceive the given data as something intelligible and not as useless, monotonous information. Besides, since it is a natural-storytelling mean; it is a compelling persuasion technique, which would represent the main key to effective advertising.

This is not even a theory anymore. Some ascertained statistics guarantee that

85% percent of internet users obtain information through video advertising.

87% percent of marketing professionals have already been using videos as part of their persuasive strategies and 88% percent of them assure that the ROI of these shares is positive.

90% of users aver that videos about the products they intend to buy have a direct influence over the decision of their purchases.

So…if you want your products to gain consumers’ attention, what are you waiting for?

Here are the top 7 trends that every video-marketing user must implement:

1. Live Streaming

This interactive video-streaming strategy makes the viewers feel as if you would be talking with them on a personal level. The sensation of proximity that this may provoke, encourages engagement, for watchers expect their questions and comments to be answered at that exact moment.

Nowadays, this method is used by enterprises to display:

New products

Carry out demonstrations


Organize sessions with answers and questions


Direct views

Besides, it is pretty easy, as well as a free process; that requires no edition whatsoever, there is not even need for a post-production procedure.

2. Podcasts

This simple, but still effective strategy; consists of plainly recording a radio streaming on a video. While using this method, it is shown to the audience what is happening and who is present during the recording. This assures a connection between the people behind the microphone and the audience itself.

3. Video e-Learning

The aforementioned technique is what we nowadays know as “Tutorials”. Tutorials are the basis in which the “do it yourselves” were forged. This tiny explanatory videos became one of the most requested ones. In that matter, they might offer you outstanding expertise, along with a significant bonding with your audience.

4. Vlogging for an enterprise

This brilliant technique manages to create an essential approach between the users and the brand, after all, it portrays a more humane side that is able to generate a superior connection with the viewers.

In order for your brand to engender a more approachable ambiance, viewers ought to have access to the enterprise’s values, routines and the members of the company.

In fact, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel, gained a number of 2 million followers using this technique.

5. #IGTV and Vertical Videos

IGTV (Instagram Television) allows the enterprise to upload a  15-60 minute long-lasting video to social media: Instagram. This method resembles a YouTube channel, but with a vertical composition, a great ally to influencers.

6. Shoppable Videos

Consumers will start to use videos as a continuous track to the websites of the announced products. This will work through a hyperlink that will direct the customer to the shopping sites.

7. Augmented Reality

This futuristic invention will have the ability to ameliorate the users’ experience and reassures the fact that there will be an increase in the CTR.

With this technology, it is certain that your potential clients will have the ability to try on the stock without even having to be there in a physical matter. They can even previsualize numerous goods in their homes. This will definitely increase your sales and will generate them in a faster way. This is the future, this is technology and your marketing strategies must evolve with it

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