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Facebook tries to keep up with stories-like newsfeed

It seems that in the world of social networks every time everything is more similar.

While it is true that video reigns, the most popular networks have a similar way of inviting us to watch audiovisual content.

Maybe some fanatics of being updated, remember a fleeting Instagram update in which all newsfeed posts, had the format of a story.

This “swipeable” mode angered many who, without hesitation, a second ranted on Twitter, the network called “the complaints mailbox”.

After only a few hours in which nobody understood how an option where you have to see the updates of all your contacts would work (without being able to give the desperate scroll down of 10 updates).

The success was so low that, a few hours after updating, they returned to the normal style and we were all able to breathe easy.

Come on Facebook, do your thing

Facebook, like the boy who was once popular, is still looking for the spotlight.

This time, he seeks to radically change his look and feel, taking the step that, for Instagram turned out so badly.

That’s right, Facebook wants to try a version of the newsfeed in which all we can do with the updates is swipe left.

This leaves practically a radius of action of 0% because there is only one update at a time on the screen and well, the comments and reactions are still there, but …

The comments we had who lived his fleeting appearance on Instagram, it was simply that something was missing.

Maybe, it gave the feeling of being less social.

Mixing a bit of everything

Another surprise that this new feed will bring, is that the stories and status updates will be mixed.


Yes, they will.

Let’s say that we are Instagram and we create Instagram TV, but people do not care as much as we expected, what do we do?

Put fragments of Instagram TV videos in the newsfeed.

Will it work?

This move has already brought positive results to the micro video streaming platform.

Now, suppose we are Facebook.

We have gone through many scandals of security problems.
Teens around the world declare that our platform is for aunts.
Our format stories have absolutely no success among users.

What do we do?

Do we completely change our entire structure and force people to see the stories?

I guess so.

Although it seems a bad idea, the fact of having only one story at the same time on the screen can generate a higher engagement for the contents published on that network.

If the issue were to come out in that way, then Facebook would take the lead, because not only would it be the network that makes the most profits in terms of digital campaigns, but it would also guarantee quality interactions, such as those that until now only networks such as Reddit or Instagram can.

Self-knowledge will lead you to success

It seems that Facebook is not listening to its users at all.

Although Zuckerberg swears that the stories are the most successful thing that Facebook has and that will soon be more popular than the same status updates, the numbers deny it.

The 300 million consumers of Stories per day, represent less than 10% of the daily users.

On the other hand, 40% of the total users of Instagram consume Stories daily and on Snapchat, 25% of users post daily.

The numbers do not correspond to the success that Zuckerberg talks about.

Maybe this desperate attempt to get people to see the stories results in a success story like the bio version of their feed, hated by everyone at first and today we can not even remember what it was like before it.

The truth is that people, despite having a hate-love relationship with Facebook, we are not able to let him die, because we keep opening the application on our cell phone at least three times a day.

And a little extra

Maybe, with the intention of the network, to allow us a post at the same time (like putting on a diet of updates), it seeks to make what little we are going to see, be more attractive to the eye.

Any ideas?

New typography is the golden idea that Facebook has had for those of us who love to be given a space where our words do not bother like Instagram or the wind blows like Twitter.

The option will be next to the effects of text (those fun or offensive fonditos that we can change depending on the message), there we can choose between 5 new styles: fancu, simple, clean, header and casual.

We will have these options for both newsfeed and stories.

Could it be that Facebook can still be trending?