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Facebook stories are getting improvements

What matters for Facebook is that when we enter the platform, we feel like scrolling down or leaving a like, which is not easy having so many things to do online.

The constant tests that Facebook tries with services like “Secret Crush” are attempts to maintain leadership, however, not all tests have been successful.

In previous occasions, we have talked about the resounding success that the video continues to have despite the passage of time.

It is not something easy to ignore when video posts exceed interaction and engagement with photos and even Gifs.

That is why, Facebook has decided to seek a new change based on the preferences of users: the video.

Stories For The Win

Every day more people feel like using Stories to give a message; whether on Instagram or Faebook, stories are increasingly consumed by users.

Although today, we already have some filter options to upload short videos, Facebook has decided to try with more filters, created by the machine learning software that, for a long time, the Zuckerberg network has started to try out.

In the new menu, we can find options to draw, add text, stickers and different effects.

facebook stories

While some applaud Facebook’s initiative to keep innovating, others accuse the platform of just copying ideas, without really contributing something new.

Friends near me

If you do not have plans for a weekend, the new option that Facebook offers us, sounds perfect.

If you have some social anxiety, it does not.

This new feature, which was already in the testing phase last October, allows us to know which of our contacts (who have activated the option) are near us.

facebook stories

We still do not know much about this update, but it is expected to be something like Snapchat’s “friends near me” option.

Remembering stories

As we have seen on Instagram, Facebook will launch an option to see the archive of our past published stories.

facebook stories

This will give us the option to share a memory in the form of stories, along with the option of sharing a memory in our feed.

With these new options, Facebook seeks to accommodate its scheme to the preferences of the audience, who is becoming younger and looking for more fresh and interactive formats.